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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is rapidly emerging as among the most regularly used social networks, and it is proving to be a wonderful tool for the businesses, particularly if your business provides services or products where the services/products have an enormous visual appeal (like travel, decor, photography, food, etc.). Pinterest is also widely used for sharing info graphics.

  • Everyday commenting and public interaction
  • Everyday ‘pinning’ & ‘re-pinning’ of related images
  • Following of the other ‘Pinners’ associated with your industry – (minimum 100 follows per month)
  • SEO-optimized board descriptions
  • Setting up boards, personalized with a suitable cover image
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Choose US?

  • Perfectly Showcase Your Services or Products

    Because of its visual importance, Pinterest has proved to be an enormous platform to showcase your brand’s services and products. At A Creative Web Agency, we creatively create boards, which highlight different product types and business portfolio that you have.

  • Generates Website Traffic

    Pinterest is an enormous resource of the website back links. Getting genuine inbound links can be a huge advantage for SEO because it validates your reliability to Google as well as results in the best website rankings. Our Pinterest Marketing services help in generating great website traffic for your business.

  • Increases Your Brand Visibility

    Pinterest makes it easy to reach the targeted market and targeted audience. The key of generating more traffic on the Pinterest is to get images pinned through the other users. Re-pins extent the word as well as increase the prominence of the pins as well as your business. With our Pinterest Marketing Services, you can increase your brand reach as well as organically helps grow your targeted audience as per your targeted market.

  • Builds Corporate Identity

    With our Pinterest Marketing Services, we make pin boards related to your business, industry, events, and trade which you take part in, which ultimately helps in building your corporate identity.

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